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Tiivistämö offers state-of-the-art technical facilities. Tiivistämö covers a total area of 620 m2, with a maximum capacity of 450 people. Lämpiö has capacity of 120 people.

The garage-style space linked to Tiivistämö, Lämpiö, is used as a venue for parties and serves as a bar when combined with Tiivistämö’s hall.

The City of Helsinki is responsible for the renting out of the event space.

tiivistämö olohuoneklubi

tiivistämö olohuoneklubi

Tiivistämö’s hall

Tiivistämö’s large hall boasts a surface area of 350 m2, with room for up to 450 people. The hall features a stage that can be dismantled, allowing for an evolving and varied array of events. The lighting and audio technology in the hall is high-quality and easily adaptable for different events.


Lämpiö is a garage-style space used as a party venue, and serving as a bar when combined with Tiivistämö. The 124 m2 Lämpiö can hold a maximum of 120 people.

Suvilahti TBA is responsible for restaurant operations. A catering quote can be requested by emailing:

Audio-visual equipment

Tiivistämö features high-spec lighting, video and audio technology capable of meeting the needs of demanding productions of different kinds.

Audio-visual equipment