Work for us

Work for us

We offer internships and study placements, as well as fixed-term pay-subsidised positions for young people looking for additional expertise in different elements of cultural production.

We can also provide sector-related study placements, non-military service placements, TE Office-supported work try-outs and fixed-term pay-subsidy periods.

We offer young people training to support an employment period, courses, and personal guidance to support professional growth.

Our internship and pay subsidy positions are intended primarily for applicants under the age of 30.

The roles available at Tiivistämö are related primarily to event production and performance technology, so an interest in the sector is beneficial.

At Tiivistämö you can plan and implement

  • Lighting and audio technology
  • Multimedia pieces
  • Event construction and customer service
  • Event production (study placement)
  • Streaming


Our autumn 2023 work try-out and internship positions are now open, so get applying!


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